A new book for the project manager

Maximizing project value: A project manager's guide

Maximizing value

Maximizing project value is about optimizing the tradeoff between project value and business value, two values that are constantly in tension between the project manager and the project sponsor.  In this book, as the author, I bring my experience in project management to demonstrate how to increase a project’s value and ultimately contribute to the attainment of business goals.


From exploring the nature of “value,” as tangible resources and moral or ethical attributes, to how best to approach decision-making, the book offers thorough coverage of this essential aspect of project management. The tools and methods I describe include:


  • Building the business case
  • Using a project balance sheet
  • Employing earned value
  • Introducing game theory for optimizing strategies.


This valuable reference should be on the desk of every project sponsor, business stakeholder, project manager, portfolio manager, project practitioner, and functional manager.

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